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How I pass the day…I mean time.


I have started a dozen paragraphs for a new post and deleted them a dozen more times.  Got interrupted by life for a week or so.  Just continuously on the go, but going nowhere.   Driving back and forth to school, to home, to drop off, and to pick up.  I swear I feel like I have everything to do and nothing to do all at once. I tried to find time to write in between. What I wrote was mostly more ideas for stories I want to write another time. Such a vicious cycle. I do have an end goal.  I hope to write a collection of short stories.   I think that is a good starting line. The finish line, don’t see that anywhere so I am not sure what that looks like.

This is the reddit Alien. I made this for one of their gift exchanges.

On one of my many driving trips last night I was voice recording an idea I had from a writing prompt I read.   I am not sure if anyone is familiar with a website called reddit.  If you are not go have a look.  Its a forum based website where people post just about any and everything you could imagine. By people I mean basically the whole world. People from every country seem to chime in on here. I learn a lot and get a lot of information.  Just a warning though, If you see the letters NSFW – that means Not Safe For Work. Whatever that link is it tends to be something very graphic in nature being the text or the image. If you are bold enough to go look it is kind of like falling down the rabbit hole in Alice Wonderland. You can get lost!  Trust me it is easy.  There are so many Sub-reddit’s it’s a hodgepodge of information. I find new ones everyday.  Here are some of my top favorites.

/r/blogging- I just recently subscribed to this one. I have not posted anything in here. Just lurking for now until I am ready to post.

/r/WritingPrompts-I have only posted here one time. I’m mostly a lurker. The prompts give me ideas I always think I can use later.  I have every intention of posting more just like my blog.  I will.

/r/UnsolvedMysteries- I read about a lot of unsolved crime. I have for as long as I can remember.  I still remember the first time I heard about the Amy Bradley case many, many years ago.  One reason I have never wanted to go on a cruise. Who else besides me grew up watching Unsolved Mysterious and Rescue 911 every week as a child in the 90’s?  Those episodes still stick with me. I can still hear Robert Stacks eerie voice.

/r/Confessions- Oh man sometimes the things people say here.  My jaw drops at the things people are doing and coming there to anonymously confess.  Just something to pass the time reading.

/r/MorbidReality  this one is more of a Debby downer type click if you are not into things of this nature such as myself.  Mostly news stories of the very unthinkable. The usual violence, murder and sexual assaults. My career interest in life have shifted from wanting to be a forensic pathologist, digging around in bodies to figure out how they died.  Flipping to wanting to figure out who and why someone would leave a body in that state.  You can get a huge perspective of the mentally ill on this click.

There are definitely some lighter subs like /r/Funny or /r/PhotoShopBattles those definitely take my mind of the morbid things I was previously looking at or reading.   If you like abandoned buildings or pictures of cemeterys they have subs for that too.

I have 52 on my side bar so I could not possibly go through all of the sites I lurk.  It’s so simple to make an account. Just make up a name and password and basically try to keep track of that password if you dont want to connect your email to it.

I failed to mention probably one of the best thing they do there. It is a really cool gift exchange.  Check it out here! It is one giant  secret santa with some distant stranger they match you up with.  You can choose to swap outside of the U.S. or stay inside the border. It is definitely cheaper staying in the U.S., however more rewarding I think with someone from another country.  Tons of swapping categories to choose from it’s fantastic.  Anything from a sock exchange to a Dr. Who exchange.  I participated in a snack exchange. I received a bunch of German candy.  I did a book exchange once too. I definitely want to do that one again. It is so much fun.  I don’t even remember where I sent my snacks but I do remember it was expensive.  I want to sign up again soon. I need to look at the categories and do something fun.  Hope you have fun too!  I think I am going to go get lost on Reddit now for a while.  I won’t feel guilty because I posted something today.
That’s my cat/dog Gizmo.   Just love this photo!

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