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See, I’ll show you.

Life has been causing a major delay in things for me lately.  I have started so many drafts only to click the little straight line in the corner that makes the document in Microsoft word disappear like a ghost.   We all know that ol’ saying “out of sight out of mind”. Those five words definitely holds true with me.  I feel so bogged down from life stress right now I cant write straight, let alone think. I was thinking I would share some of my photos for a post. That way I can stop the pressure I put on myself and just post.

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is the nature around me.   I grew up in Florida and have resided here most of my life. I think as a child I took the sites around me for granite. I just did not see the beauty that was everywhere.  As an adult, I really enjoy my surroundings.   I feel like I can not get enough of it.  Here are a few (  photo albums; A few more here. ) of my nature.  If you scroll down I posted a few of my favorites from the last few days.

I will start with the one constant thing in my life.  The Moon.  Not sure why but I have a slight obsession with it.  I find it so majestic.

The Moon February 2016


The next two are a moth I found when I went to take the kids to school.  It was on a light post then flew into a bush in the neighbors yard.


A few neighbors in the bird family.   I can usually find Cardinals, Blue Jays and I always see the Hawk.  Hes fantastic.   I think he is going to be the next tattoo.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker
I call this one Mickey Blue.   The Blue Jays sing the prettiest next to the Cardinal. 
Red Tail Hawk

We can end the picture show with a few fish.  I thought he looked cool.

pond fish2pond fish

Hope everyone finds peace this week! Thanks so very much for reading!  ❤



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