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Road Tripping!

I drove over 1800 miles, through 8 states, two time zones and did it all by my damn self.  I cannot even type the words to explain the state of mind I was in during that drive.  I really wished I was a passenger. I definitely would have enjoyed the trip more.  Well that, and being able to take more pictures. Then it would have made for a good trip.  Anytime I am not driving, it is a good trip. If I could have taken every picture I wanted, I would have ended up with an album of water towers from every state. From Georgia all the way to Oklahoma I saw them.  I laughed every time I passed one. Truth is, if you’ve seen one than you seen them all.  They all looked the same.  The same faded blue color on all of them.  Just different city names written across in black paint.

Driving through Georgia, I was mostly driving through back roads. There was not much of anything around, ‘cept the occasional house tucked back with farmland around.  I had no phone service at all! No kind of signal or map until I was half way through Alabama.  I was having a major melt down because I ended up slightly lost.

Back roads of Georgia/Alabama.  It all looked the same.

 I stopped for a cup of coffee in a McDonalds drive thru which took a lot longer than expected. That hold up caused me to lose my husband who was driving a big yellow Penske truck ahead of me.  I thought I would just catch up.  However my map tried to recalculate because of my unexpected pit stop. So the map did nothing due to no service, except leave me stranded.  I saw the direction my husband went, however that road comically came to end very shortly after the bend. To a dead end!  There I am faced with trying to figure out right or left. Of course I did the women thing and started towards the wrong direction. I made a left and I should have taken a right. I have no internal compass like men do.  Could that internal compass be why they don’t like to ask for directions?  Men truly belief they are going the right way.  For the most part they are. Just sometimes they go the very long, right way.   That is what we are good for, the short cuts.

The big yellow truck with my husband and son.

 Back to my wrong turn. Thankfully I do know the difference between East, West, North and South, so when I noticed I was going South, I immediately stopped and ask some stranger mowing his lawn for some directional help.  South was heading back to Florida I was supposed to be heading West!  I think I was in Alabama at that point, if not right on that border of Georgia and Alabama. The lawn mower man pointed me towards Montgomery, which got me on the right path to signal and a map again.

 After all of my wrong turns nightfall had come, and I finally was able to find my husband again around Mississippi.  I found out after the long trip and many times becoming separated by highways, that my husband had checked off his little setting on his map to avoid toll roads, something I had not.  So I guess we were being sent on different routes.  We always somehow ended up back together.  We rested for a few hours at a rest stop, and then continued on the way.  I was super impressed on how much gas I did not use while sleeping in my car, with it running, a/c going, for about four and half hours.   I had two cats, a Chihuahua and my kids in the car so we all needed to stay cool.

We noticed after we woke up that we had somehow lost the cap for his gas tank on the truck.  We headed off and tried a few places for a new one.  We were not having any luck. My daughter snapped a picture with my phone going over this cool steal bridge crossing into Arkansas. I was so glad it was morning and day light.  If I had to drive over that thing at night I would have been in a panic.  I don’t do well driving over bridges, overpasses and generally anywhere I have never been at night.  I feel blinded at night.  The bridge thing and overpass thing, I think come from some bad nightmares I had, but I thought the nightmare came from the fear of the overpasses. So I’m kind of at a loss as to where it stems from.  Either way I get sweaty palms, tunnel vision and my hearing slightly goes when I am in these situations and I am behind the wheel. As a passenger same symptoms I just close my eyes and try to breath.  Can’t do that driving unfortunately. We finally found a Penske place in Arkansas and some lunch. I swear we were driving in that state for around five hours.  It felt like we were in the Twilight Zone and we would never get out of there.   We did finally make it out.

The steel Bridge I drove over coming into Arkansas. 

Then meltdown number 43 happened. I swear I don’t know, well actually it I think it was in Arkansas when I lost my mind.  I thought my arrival time on my GPS was actually the amount of time I still had left to drive.  When I found out I had 7 more hours to drive, not that I should be there by 7, (it was 6pm by then) I thought I was going to die.  This shit was never-ending It felt like.

We did spend the rest of the drive on a very quiet road, I don’t remember it was Like I-30 or something like that.  So thankfully I did not have a bunch of traffic to deal with.  Just had to fight myself and my tiredness.  I made it to our new home around five in the morning.  The sun was apparently right behind me. I wish I had been driving in as the sun came up.  It probably would have been more visually stimulating.  But even seeing my new city at night was just as beautiful.  The city was lit up like a starry night. All the little yellowish red specks of lights from the big city out there shining, just amazing.  Only other time I seen anything like that was when I was driving into New York at night.  Can you tell I lived in the very flat lands of Florida for way too long?


I have been here about two weeks now. I feel so happy and content, more than I ever have in my life. I’m at such peace. I already met my neighbors, who I feel I was supposed to meet.  I know this because the moment I met them my soul screamed at me how familiar all of their faces were.  From the six year old daughter, to both of the parents, my brain does not comprehend I just met them.  I know them already.  Its sooo meant to be. We have already had a tiny cookout with them. They have a hot tub and I cannot wait until it snows and we are all out in that thing.  I will be sad when we purchase a house and don’t live next door to them.  But we will be lifelong friends.  So that does not matter.

Going over my cross country trip, for my post gave me a moment of enlightenment.  My beliefs are, our souls kind of map out are life before we come here.  I guess like my trip as much as I tried to map it out, it sure as HELL did not go as planned!  It was way more frantic, stressful, and the most uncomfortable I have been in a while.   I knew I had to stick it out though.  The end was paradise for me.  Like life, it won’t go as we mapped it out up there. But the end result is Heaven no matter how we get there.  Looking back I wished for the drive, I would have just stayed calm and not been in the state I was in.  DAMN I don’t want to die and look back on my life and think the same.

Here are some more of the very few photos I managed to get from the trip. All taken from my iphone. Sorry for the quality, most of them from my daughter as we were driving.


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