No Time?

I haven’t had much opportunity to sit down and write lately.  Life has been moving at warp speed and time is flying by.  I signed up for a 30 day writing challenge at the beginning of last month.  I managed to write the first two days. Things like that backfire on me.  It’s weird. I definitely get a mental block the minute I sign up for any type of writing challenge.   Even If I challenge myself.   Really not sure what that is about.

I let it all get to me and I start to think it is too hard, how can it be done? But it can be done, it has been done.  A million times. What holds me back from accomplishing my dreams?  Just myself I suppose.  I let the weight of my worldly situations boggle me down to where I think, I cannot think.  The inspiration comes and I watch it go like a dream.

At the very top of my problems, is the fact that I am so unorganized. If that were not an issue I would probably have it more together.  At least I would maybe feel like I have it more together.  I also always think I don’t have enough time. My thoughts and reality do not mesh though. I actually have plenty of time.  I sit around and do nothing for the better half of my day and that alone is unsettling.

I have managed to get some stories out of my head, kind of like a very ruff, ruff, draft/treatment for my idea.   I found this is helpful for me to get some of them out.  I just have a couple that are eternally swirling around up there and I just need them out.  They are always the last things I think about before I go to sleep.  I have learned to turn off my overthinking brain by just instantly thinking about something I want to write.  I always fall asleep.  I wish it would lead to some really cool lucid dreaming but that has not happened yet.  Like my writing I will just keep trying.


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