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More of my life through my lens

I really enjoy taking photographs. I have learned that both my grandfathers shared the same passion. My grandfather from my mothers side had his own darkroom.  My grandfather on my fathers side took photos for the Air Force.  I have seen some of his photographs.  My father has his old albums.  They are neat.  Most of what I have seen are from his time in the military. He was an MP and there are pictures of car accidents and all kinds of wild things. Him and his buddies just goofing around.   Its crazy to look at them because he looks so much like my brother.  I never met my grandfather he died before I was born. My son looks like my father so I imagine he looks like him in some ways too.  My dad is probably one of the funniest guys I know.  My son shares his sense of humor.  I wonder if my grandfather did too.

Being in a new environment its fun to take pictures of my  surroundings again. I try to have my camera on me at all times.  Here are some of my favorites from the recent round of pictures I have taken.



Birds and Bunnies and Horses oh my!


And lastly a shot of one of my favorite Trees.  “I see you” it screams to me!





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