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14, freaking 14!  In a whole year I managed to post 14 times.   I really thought I had done more than that.  I am sitting here laughing at myself.   I can definitely do better than that this year.  For sure this week because my schedule is nice.  I get off at 2 all week.  That leaves me time to write or post.

And since I am talking about work already, I mine as well talk about work.   I just have to complain about my customers somewhere.   Some of them are a complete joke.  So self-absorbed and rude.   It’s hilarious.   I had one chick who started catching some attitude for no reason and it got better (worse) when I told her I would not break her hundred.  Man I love how pissy they get.  The inner crazy women gets pleasure from seeing you get madder for no reason…  So we had already started ringing up her stuff then added a 12 pack of soda.  Her total was climbing to 7 dollars already and she thought that was how much the 12 pack alone was.   “7 dollars for a twelve pack oh no I don’t want it, take it off”  uh okay, I did not feel like explaining her total was more than her twelve pack because other stuff was already on the ticket.   Then she pulls out a hundred for a 9  dollar transaction, I told her sorry I can’t break that.   She got even pissier, “not even if I get gas?”  Nope sorry. She handed us a ten and said “keep the change it seems like you need it”.   Wow I said as she walked out the door.   Ya Wow, was her response.   I just laugh.  I was in the last 45 minutes of my shift and I had very little money in my drawer, everyone wants to pay with 50’s and 100’s at my store, even though there is a huge grocery store right behind me in the same parking lot.

 Then there was free gas guy, who by accident of my training coworker started pumping someone else’s gas. He came in to deal with it and as he was was standing in front of me, and as I was trying to figure out the situation tells me “ I don’t like how your talking to me”  when I was not even talking to him.   I just looked at him in disgust and tried to finish fixing the mistake before my adrenalin made it to my brain and I started to freak out on the guy.   I told him his gas was paid for he had nothing to worry about he was good.

  I swear to god these people think I have to take their shit and I definitely do not.  Main reason is, I do not rely on my job except purely for extra cash.   So if I get fired my life will not be affected in any way except no more weekly pedicures.  It would only be twice a month.  Boo freaking hoo!

I do love my job on some days.  I love some of my customers they make me smile.  Most of them are nice and friendly, flirty and fun to serve.  The rest, well they are just ass holes.


One thought on “14!

  1. If you didn’t have the crappy customers, you wouldn’t really appreciate the great ones. Sorry today was lackluster, tomorrow will be better.



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