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Im Late…..

You know that scene from Alice in Wonderland where that little pesky rabbit is running around saying, “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date. No time to say hello, good-bye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late”?  I feel like that is my ongoing life theme.   I hear it’s a pothead related trait so I’m totally guilty.  Well, I’m feeling late again and that song is playing over and over in my head these days.

I just found a goldmine of resources for myself to finish writing a book.  It’s this really awesome couple (Shuvom Ghose & Stila Webb) who are releasing videos each week on helping you through the process, with the goal of finishing a book by the end of the year.  They started in January and the thing is, that month was for planning, and February was to start writing  500 words a day.  I found the videos on January 30th.   So I basically gave myself only 2 days instead of 31 to plan.   Now I feel late.  I have a story in mind I could definitely go with it.  I just need to beat it out before I continue to the third video, which is working on the characters. I came up with the idea on a whim after making a joke to my husband about having multiple wives. So the story is still a fresh new idea and I have not thought it out yet.  For some reason, maybe fate, I cannot find a notebook I have with whole story Ideas I have written down in them.  Whole stories meaning, I tried to sit down and write what I call a “mini-treatment” just to get the idea that is swirling around endlessly out of my head.   If I could find it I could beat out something faster than this idea because those are like memories I can recall easier.  I do like my new Idea though.  I think I will stick with it. I feel like there are not to many fiction crime stories involving polygamist families and murder out there.

The videos have got me excited for the year. I know If I don’t give up on this I can actually finish a book. The way they are laying it all out feels complete and gives me hope.  It feels like my own personal, free novel writing workshop. Priceless!  I was just searching the web for local workshops and they can be costly.   This is perfect.  On my own time and free two things that help motivate me.  I think I can, I think I can, Maybe I need to play that song over and over instead of the pesky rabbits little tune.  I’m not sure if the 500 words a day really needed to be related towards my story but I did write them none the less.  I just wrote them here so I technically killed two birds with one stone today, right?  I have been wanting to post to the blog and I have had this page open for days to write something so here it is.    If you want to watch the videos and write your first novel this year too, just Click Here!     I have been listening to this while I write lately and I think I will share  this too.    Until next time my friends!


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