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New Years Resolution?

I was never one to be into the whole “new year’s resolution” thing.  My current job endeavor has me as a clerk in a gas station, so the topic has started to come up. I never really have one.  My life is not that good that there is one thing I need to try to change in the year.  Shit, that list could be longer than ol’ Saint Nick himself.   This year though, things are kind of different. I actually accomplished a few things I said I would by the time I was 35, things I felt were holding me back from writing and just focusing of life period.

I acquired my GED, I got a semester finished of college.  We moved across the country.  I am now in a place where I should be at peace.  A place, I thought I needed to be in to write.  While I am thinking about it.  I am surprised I actually did some of the things I said I would, granted they were easy. Not so much moving across the country. I really did not see how we would do this, but we did.  Getting my GED and getting into college was nothing.  It was a long process to get into school. I wanted to give up before I even started, and many times after I did.   But I kept going.

So this year I will write.   I will finish one whole story.  Complete it.  Get it all out of my head, start to finish.  There are so many in there swirling around.  I think about them before I fall asleep and sometimes before I even open my eyes.  I need to take the time and get them out.

I’m going to take more time to learn how to write screenplays.  I looked at some treatments the other day and boy do I have some work to do.

Want to hear something funny?  When I go to the movies it’s an emotional experience for me.  I literally become overwhelmed with feelings I cannot explain.  I get a not in my throat and I feel the tears welling up in my eyes.  All I can think about it what it feels like to be sitting in a theater as the writer, the producer or actor who made that film. How proud they must have felt to finish it.  I think about how stupid I am for not having finished anything yet.  For letting the years pass by. and all of the time I am wasting just dreaming and not doing.   Then I get drunk, because the theatre I live by, serves drinks to my seat. They also serve a drink I am obsessed with! This particular one that Is vodka with strawberry puree topped with champagne.  After a few of them I can forget my troubles and most of the movie and get through the experience.  I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

So this year my resolution/goal is to just write.   Write…Write…Write!


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution?

  1. Happy New Year, pumpkin. Congratulations on getting your GED & starting the whole college deal. I look forward to reading your finished story!! Or snippets of the story whatever you choose to divulge! Anything with strawberries & champagne is a friend of mine, we need this drink at the theater I go to.


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